Trouble in Hrithik's married life!

by Rajiv Dutta

Hrithik Roshan’s sizzling off screen chemistry with Brazilian co-actress Barbara Mori irks Rakesh Roshan as well as Suzanne Khan. Mexican actress Barbara Mori takes over from where Aishwarya had left in Dhoom 2. We are indeed talking about the sizzling hot chemistry between Hrithik Roshan and Barbara in Anurag Basu latest much talked project Kites.

The Roshans may not be talking about their upcoming movie Kites sensuous theme and scenes, but we hear that the chemistry between Hrithik and Barbara promises to burn the screen. According to the insiders on the sets the scenes between Hrithik and Miss Mori were so intimate and sensuous that papa Rakesh Roshan would gently be asked to leave the set.

Its said that the Bollywood heartthrob, is having the time of his life, shooting for “Kites” in exotic locales like Las Vegas, New Mexico and Los Angeles. But daddy Rakesh Roshan, the producer and now also the director of the movie, is having sweaty palms because of his son’s raunchy antics. Hrithik, hitherto known to be a perfect gentleman and a wonderful husband is reportedly giving in to the allure of co-actress Barbara Mori.

The stunning shooting locations, known for their uninhibited air and sheer abandon when it comes to catering the wildest fantasies, are heaving a great effect on Hrithik’s mind, and heart as well! Buzz has it that the incredibly sensual Latin beauty Barbara Mori, who also happens to be Hrithik’s mistress in the flick, has bewitched the Bollywood hottest hunk in real life.

Hrithik is enjoying the umpteen “roll in the hay” scenes in the film with Barbara so much, that he is carrying off some of it off screen, too! The news has already reached and worried Papa Rakesh, and he has taken over the responsibility to watch over his son. Rakesh is even gathering around his family and friends for help in getting his son back to old good boy tracks.

It is believed that Papa Rakesh Roshan was extremely upset with Hrithik’s off screen bonding with his Brazilian c-actress and decided to bring his family together and got Suzanne and the kids to fly down to the States. News of Hrithik’s closeness with the hot actress was making the rounds in Mumbai too and apparently, Rakesh Roshan who was annoyed by the development, suggested that family joins Hrithik. It is also believed that Suzanne and her boys surprised Hrithik who had arranged a special dinner in his hotel suite for the cast and crew.

It is said that Rakesh Roshan has decided to direct the film himself. Ex director Anurag Basu is miffed for being manhandled out of the project so unceremoniously, but Rakesh is seriously concerned about Hrithik’s (now no more!) happy family life.

Even though the original director of photography Bobby Singh has been replaced by Ayananka Bose, the Roshans claim there was no malice involved in the changeover. Speaking to from Las Vegas, Hrithik said, “It was an amicable split. Now, Ayananka Bose is the DOP”.

According to a reliable source, “Bobby and Anurag are friends, besides being a great team. Anurag appreciates Bobby’s work and gives him a free hand. But Roshan had his own ideas of how the movie should look. He did not agree with Bobby’s style and would interfere in camera angles and light shot etc. Initially Bobby kept quiet as Rakesh is a senior filmmaker an creative differences happen on every set. But as the days went by, Bobby felt his work as a cinematographer was increasingly getting undermined”.

The differences between Bobby and Roshan were affecting everyone on the set. Things finally came to a head on the day when Roshan shouted at Bobby in front of the whole cast and crew. According to the source, “Bobby was fixing his camera for a particular shot when Rakesh came up to him and started firing him loudly”.

Rakesh had apparently told Bobby to do the shot from another angle But Bobby wanted to try a different angle. Rakesh was furious as Bobby had disregarded his instructions, and made his displeasure clear in front of the entire unit. Bobby felt so humiliated about this dressing down that he stormed off the sets and took a flight straight back to Mumbai.

When contacted Bobby does not deny the story but says, “Yes, I am no more a part of Kites but I do not want to talk about the issue”.

When contacted, Rakesh Roshan was not willing to comment about the movie. He said, “All is well with Kites. We are on schedule. After completing shooting in Mexico on 12 September, we have moved to Las Vegas. From here we will relocate for the last lap for the USA shooting to Los Angeles on 3rd October and we will be returning to Mumbai on 12 October”.

Barbara, the on screen mistress is proving to be a potential threat to Suzanne Khan’s serene conjugal life. Earlier, Hrithik Roshan was also rumoured to be smitten by Kareena Kapoor. Hope Suzanne learns some moves from Hrithik’s on screen wife Kangana Ranaut in “Kites”, or she will lose the string over her hot dashing husband!


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