Movie Review: 'NISHABD'
by Debtaru De

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It's time for the world to witness the high voltage sensual drama. There have been newsbytes in dozens about how RGV planned to aesthetically portray the love story of a 60-year-old man & 18-year-old girl in ‘Nishabd’.

Nishabd’: ‘Nishabd’ means wordless, and that is what this quixotic relationship remains through most of the film. The fact that this was a relationship that was crying out for words, reasons, explanations, resolutions, and articulations.

Alternatively, for the strange new emotions that were supposedly taking birth for the first time on the Indian Screen. Or 2nd time? Remember ‘Jogger’s Park’, that charming little number where actor Perizaad played a more senior Lolita to Victor.

It is a American Beauty than Lolita with the storyline borrowing heavy from the Kelvin Spacey-Mena Suveri Oscar applauded Film.

Jia plays the daughter’s friend who stays over & sets strange emotions stirring through there reclusive dad (Amitabh Bachhan).

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