Casting Couch - A Name of Syndrome - Part II
by Debtaru De

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The report was said that: - A leading Bollywood actor was embroiled in a sex scandal last night after being filmed apparently offering to promote the career of an aspiring actress if she slept with him.

The tabloidization of the Indian media has begun. And it is all about increasing either the TRP ratings of a channel or the circulation of a newspaper. Sex and scandal always sell.

"I don't see why it should generate a shock. The reality is that it has been in existence for years. When I first saw the Shakti expose TV, I felt it would caution young girls who are naïve and prone to exploitation," said director Tanuja Chandra.

Suhaib Illyasi, the brain behind the framing was earlier associated with ‘India's Most Wanted’ program.

Meanwhile, popular V.J. turned actor Purab Kohli was of the opinion that the trend was not merely limited to female artistes. "I have been told that Aman Varma made a remark saying he had to go through it.

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